Explore the exciting island of Caprera with a boat excursion to Cala Coticcio - Tahiti.
Admire the beauty of the enchanting island of Spargi, a true natural paradise. Sail through the archipelago of La Maddalena on an 'exciting boat adventure departing from Palau and dive into the crystal clear waters of the archipelago for snorkeling.
Book now the seven-hour tour departing from the port of Palau that will take you to discover the wonders of this extraordinary archipelago.

You will admire the beauty of several islands, including Caprera with the striking Cala Coticcio (also known as Tahiti), where we will stop for a long time to practice snorkeling. We will continue the tour with a scenic sail to the famous "Pink Beach" of Budelli, stop at the enchanting island of Spargi with the beautiful Cala Connari, and finally reach the main island, La Maddalena.

Our boat tour from Palau offers a range of services to ensure an even more enjoyable experience. With a maximum of 145 passengers (out of 255 available seats), you will have ample space to relax and enjoy the sea. The tour is available in four languages, ensuring that everyone can appreciate the fascinating history and natural wonders of these islands.


The first unmissable stop on this boat excursion is a visit to the picturesque Cala Coticcio on the island of Caprera, also known as Tahiti. This secluded cove is accessible by both land and sea. Our organization is among the few that offers the possibility of a longer stop on the island of Caprera.

We will anchor at the buoy authorized by the La Maddalena Park Authority, allowing you to explore the fish-rich seabed that characterizes this location on the island of Caprera. During the stop in the bay of Cala Coticcio (Tahiti), you will be able to swim from the ship's rear gangway and spend time snorkeling, in particularly favorable weather conditions and being excellent swimmers you will be able to get close to the nearby beaches. Our staff will assist you during the snorkeling stop, available and free to rent: masks, swim boards and float tubes.

The second stop on our exciting tour is a visit to the enchanting island of Spargi, a true jewel of natural beauty in the Maddalena Archipelago. With pristine beaches and irresistible turquoise waters, Spargi offers a unique experience that invites you to dive in and enjoy the sun. You will stop by anchoring at the buoy in front of the bay, providing easy access to the beautiful beach of Cala Connari. You will be able to reach this beach in a few minutes of swimming or dive directly from the ship's convenient aft gangway. The beach is located less than 50 meters from the ship's berth, making exploring Spargi an even more accessible and unforgettable experience. Discover the beauty of these shores with our tour!

Stage Three: After the enchanting visit to the islands of Caprera and Spargi, we will dive into the magic of La Maddalena, an authentic gem rich in history. Explore the breathtaking scenery of this island during your boat adventure! The streets of the historic center tell stories of a glorious past, lined with beautifully preserved buildings that exude history.

Be captivated by the craft stores and traditional alleyways, where you can shop for authentic local souvenirs, typical textiles, and precious jewelry. Fully immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you wander the streets, take a break at quaint cafes and ice cream parlors that offer a taste of the island's culinary delights.
Whether you are a history buff, a shopaholic, or looking for an unforgettable adventure, the historic center of La Maddalena is ready to enchant you with its cultural wonders and shopping pleasures. Live an immersive experience among the history-rich streets and hidden treasures of the island of La Maddalena.

In addition, sailing the coasts of Budelli Island you can visit the beautiful and famous "Pink Beach" and natural swimming pools from the sea, while sailing on Spargi Island you can still admire the rocks of the "Witch's Head" , the Bulldog dog and Italy in miniature. Leaving the mother island, La Maddalena, behind and heading to the port of Palau, we will visit from the sea the island of Santo Stefano with the Napoleonic fort and in front of the shores of Palau, the famous granite rock of Capo d'Orso in the likeness of a crouching bear, shaped by the action of wind and sea, which opens to the viewer's eyes and reaches the islands of the Maddalena archipelago and in particular La Maddalena itself and the island of Caprera. It is a unique sculpture in the world.

This tour is recommended only for those who can swim well because the beaches can only be reached by swimming; on request, it is possible to rent free of charge on board: swimming boards, swimming masks or tubes for floating. On the island of La Maddalena you disembark via gangway, directly in the old town.
Restaurant service ( optional and extra ): on board there is a rich refreshment service with local dishes, salads, various fried food also there is a well-stocked bar with snacks, drinks of all kinds.

This tour includes 2 -3 stops for swimming from the boat, is designed to reduce the environmental impact related to anthropogenic pressure on the beaches and does not include direct landing on the beaches, but it is possible to reach them by swimming. Tahiti beach on the island of Caprera (Cala Coticcio) can be reached only by people very skilled in swimming and in calm sea conditions, the beach is quite far from our mooring ( about 150 meters )
The beach on the island of Spargi can be reached by swimming and is only a few meters from the buoy authorized by the La Maddalena Park Authority where the ship docks.