Inflatable boat


What will you do :

A day to discover the Egadi Islands.

Imagine a body of water among the most beautiful in Italy, the fascination of the Egadi tradition, stories of tons and tonnaroti, discover places of history and battles between Romans and Carthaginians, bath breaks at will, snorkeling, a visit to magic caves, traditional Trapani cuisine and much more.

Satisfied? If all this is not enough Mare and much more to offer.

What are you looking for:

The excursion will start at 10.00 am from the Trapani port and will end at about 6.00 pm. The skipper guided by the daily wind blowing, will decide the most suitable route to ensure guests the most favorable and appealing conditions. in Cala Fredda, Cala Minnola and Cala Calcara on Levanzo and Cala Azzurra, Bue marine, Cala Rossa on Favignana with an adjoining visit to the fabulous cave of lovers near the port.

Each stop will be given the opportunity to swim, use the equipment from snorkeling and also to have available to each boat a GoPro video camera to capture your underwater experiences and much more ... Guests will also have the opportunity to visit the island of Favignana where they will dock for a break and to delight themselves in the kitchen typical Trapani aboard our boats.

On the island it will be possible to make a ride aboard a small train (extra service c osto 5 euros per person).

The tour includes a maximum of 12 people per boat.