Inflatable boat



Daily Tour to the Island of Favignana and Levanzo.

They await you:
- Stop in the many coves of the island of Favignana and Levanzo;
- Snacks on board;
- Snorkelling;
- Baths and dives;
- Music and Aperitif with Wine and Prosecco;
- Visit to the seaside village of Favignana;
- Places of interest: Palazzo dei Florio and Tonnara;

You will be accompanied by expert Skippers with excellent knowledge of the places and seabeds.
The Egadi Archipelago: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo awaits you.


Boarding and departure from Marsala
09:00 meeting at the Tourist Port of Marsala, at 09:30 departure for the island of Favignana.

Cala Rossa passing through Cala Bue Marino
Cala Rossa, judged by some to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, is one of the most evocative places on the island. The transparent sea and the flat rocks create a truly evocative scenario. Here the sea, transparent and inviting, is embraced by a frame of cliffs and tuff quarries.

Route for Levanzo
Next stop Levanzo, just 3 nautical miles away, the smallest and wildest of the Egadi Islands. Head towards the port of Levanzo, skirting the imposing stack.

Cala Fredda
Wonderful bay with a seabed covered in posidonia, with a charming pebble beach that can be reached by swimming.

Cala Minnola and Cala Tramontana
Cala Minnola, known for the pine forest overlooking the sea, takes its name from the Minnola, a small fish that populates the cove, visible by snorkeling.

Landing on the island of Favignana
From the moment you arrive, you will be captivated by the beauty of the small port of Favignana.
It is possible to visit the tuna fisheries and the archaeological museum located inside the former Florio palace.

Lunch on a dinghy
Tasting of “Pane Cunzato” prepared by our master bakers, water and wine from Cantine Marsalesi.

Cala Pozzo
Cala Pozzo is located on the north-western coast of the island near Punta Faraglione. The beach is immersed in a splendid natural setting, bathed by a beautiful turquoise, transparent and crystalline sea, rich in fish and sea urchins.

Cala Rotonda
Cala Rotonda is one of the coves most protected from the winds thanks to its particular round shape, it is very suggestive, especially for the imposing rocks that immerse themselves in the sea and take on the strangest shapes. At the rocky ends of the beach you can admire schools of multicolored fish and incredible marine flora.

Cala Preveto
The beach of Cala del Preveto is among the most spectacular because it stands at the end of a valley and overlooks a crystalline, intensely blue sea. It is an almost uncontaminated area, without houses and surrounded by nature.

Cala Azzurra
An ideal destination for snorkelling lovers, Cala Azzurra is located in the south-eastern part of the island and takes its name from the blue color of the sea.
The clear, almost transparent water makes this bay a true corner of paradise. Made up mainly of rocks but with a strip of very fine white sand in the center of the bay.

Arrival in Marsala
We weigh anchor and say goodbye to the Egadi islands, placing the bow towards the port of Marsala, with an expected arrival at 6.00 pm

The itinerary may vary based on weather and sea conditions.
The Commander will have the right to choose the cove for bathing in order to guarantee the safety and security of passengers.