Inflatable boat



Explore the beautiful coast of Baunei on this boat tour from Santa Maria Navarrese. Discover breathtaking beaches, swim in an enchanting sea and admire idyllic landscapes on this guided tour.

What do we do:

During navigation, we will break up the journey with some photographic stops: The spire of Pedralonga, the extraordinary Baus waterfalls, the Grotta dei Colombi and the Goloritzé beach are just some of the many attractions that this coast offers us.

We will go down to the beaches of Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriala and Cala Luna for approximately 1h 30', with an order that may vary depending on the period, a choice due to the hours of sunshine and the flow of tourists, factors that vary during the season.

Between one stop and another there is the possibility of visiting the Grotta del Fico, to enter the heart of this limestone coast.

During our return we will visit in more detail the inlets of Portu Cuau and Portu Pedrosu, the famous fjords developed between the walls of Capo Monte Santo.


The appointment is at 8.15 am at the port of Santa Maria Navarrese, in front of the Bar, pier D. The skipper will welcome us and, after the usual introductions, we will get on the dinghy and leave at 8.30 am.

The navigation includes several stops to immortalize the landscape in superb shots. In particular we will stop at the Guglia di Pedralonga, the enchanting Baus waterfalls that fall into the sea, the Grotta dei Colombi and the Goloritzé beach, which boasts the most beautiful waters on the entire coast.

We will then also go down to the beach of Cala Mariolu, elected the most beautiful in Italy in 2016, and to that of Cala Biriala, dominated by a forest of holm oaks and junipers, and with perfect seabed for snorkelling. We will also stop at Cala Luna, an 800 meter stretch of sand bordering an oleander forest preceded by a freshwater pond.

We will then see the Grotta del Fico and on the way back the inlets of Portu Cuau and Portu Pedrosu, suggestive fjords developed between the walls of Capo Monte Santo. Finally, a panoramic tour of the Isolotto d'Ogliastra will await us before returning to the port, around 5.30pm. The tour lasts 9 hours in total.