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Absolutely not.
Our local partners apply the same prices for each type of activity. Booking and buying an experience online is easy and cheap, as well as allowing you to save some useful time
Online booking allows you to get an overview of all the experiences to do in one location, giving you the opportunity to compare the best offers and follow your passions and interests. Online booking allow you to saving time and being sure not to have lost nothing of your next destination.
We are the first to try the proposed experiences and we are the first to protect each single transaction. Your reservation and your payment is safe thanks to an online payment system that guarantees the effective performance of the booked experience. In case of failure to carry out the activity due to force majeure, Triscovery will reimburse you 100% of the purchased booking. You will be able to manage any problems directly from your account, accessing via email communication sent during the booking phase.
Depends on the cancellation policies provided by the Boat Operator.
Most of the activities can be deleted without penalties within 3 days of the start date. Inside each activity sheet you will find the cancellation policies provided by Boat Operator.
If errors occur during the booking phase, can contact our support team via email help@triscovery.com We endeavor to change your reservation, depending on availability of Boat Operator.


Simultaneously with the payment you will receive an email with the summary voucher of your booked experience. Inside the voucher you will find in addition to the summary of the booking also the useful information and the contacts of the Boat Operator.
If you have not received the Voucher try to check that the mail communication is not filed in the "Spam" folder. Furthermore, you can print your voucher at any time by accessing your Triscovery Account or by sending an email to help@triscovery.com
No . You can take advantage of your experience simply by showing the email with the summary of the reservation.
Inside the voucher you will always find the references and contacts to communicate any problem or need to the boat operator.