The first online platform that allows you to discover and book the best day trips and boat events in advance.

Whatever your search, you will always find the boat and experience that suits you best within the Triscovery fleet.


We love the sea, the nature and the desire of discovery.

Every year, thousands of travelers live truly unique boating experiences, the exploration of the most beautiful coasts and islands.


A very strict policy based on customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

We select only the best professional operators in the nautical sector, to give you the best experience.

Through the Marketplace, our boating operators introduce their experiences and allow you to book in real time and in total safety, with coverage in the event of bad weather and sea conditions.


Using Triscovery, share our commitment to the conservation and protection of the seas and oceans.


We want you on board! :)

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No booking fees, book always at the best available price

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No more plastic: Sensitize the fleet to adopt eco-friendly solutions