A tour, with daily departures from Maddalena which includes 3 swimming stops between Spargi and Caprera. During navigation you will pass other coves, including: Cala Corsara, the Rosa beach, the Porto della Madonna and Cala Napoletana.

During the cruise the on-board staff will take care of telling curiosities and stories of these places, accompanying each stop with a small description. For every type of need the crew will be available to passengers so that they can enjoy an unforgettable experience in contact with nature and a pleasant navigation.


11.15 am – All on board
The daily departure is set at the tourist port of La Maddalena at the Banchina Medaglie d'Oro in Via Amendola, at 11.50 am.
Let's go! Head to the West. Destination: Spargi Island. Passengers are recommended to show up at the boarding station 30 minutes early to avoid queues and facilitate ticketing operations.

12.00pm – Cala Granara
The first stop of the Tour is a visit to Cala Granara, on the island of Spargi. The stop on the beach lasts about 2 hours and you will have the opportunity to swim in its crystal clear waters and enjoy uncontaminated natural landscapes.
La Cala is located on the southern coast of the island of Spargi and can only be reached from the sea. It is made up of 4 small beaches adorned to the east by small dunes on which rare and endemic plants gain space. On the western hill stands a rock with a particular shape which takes the name of Testa della Strega. At 2.30 pm we set off again towards the northern side of the Archipelago!

3.00 pm – Cala Garibaldi
At 3.00 pm we will arrive at the beautiful Cala Garibaldi, on the island of Caprera. It takes its name from the famous hero whose house is located on the small promontory behind. Behind the beach lies a pine forest with very dense vegetation.

5.30 pm – Cala Coticcio
The last stop, directly from the boat, takes you to one of the most beautiful coves of the archipelago. Located on the northernmost part of the eastern side of Caprera, reachable by boat or on foot, via a long path that begins near the Teialone heights. Its location, close to the hills and nestled between steep cliffs, forms a suggestive setting and makes it one of the coves best sheltered from the westerly winds. Here passengers will be able to swim in the blue-green sea of ​​the cove in the company of the numerous fish that populate the waters.

6.30pm – Return
The return will also have two disembarkation ports, that of La Maddalena and that of Palau. The return time is expected at 6.30pm, with some small slippage which may be dictated by sea conditions and cruising speed. All passengers are advised not to forget their personal belongings on board and to follow the crew's instructions when disembarking.

Dogs on board
Small dogs are allowed on board.
Landing tax not included