Live a truly unique full day experience to discover the most beautiful coves of the island of Pantelleria.

The Simone yacht where you will spend an incredible day is a boat of 14 m in length and 4 meters wide is divided into three large very comfortable areas, the terrace behind is comfortable, spacious and shaded, here is also the aperitif and lunch. , in the upper part there is a shaded cushioned area with awning, the wide bow, this cushion too is the choice of those who love being in the sun without compromise! ...

The boat has 2 bathrooms, internal living room and can accommodate up to 22 people including crew.


The group meeting is scheduled at 9.45 am, the exits are daily, but obviously, both the exits and the program depend on the weather conditions.

The departure is scheduled at 10.00.

The tour, which includes the complete circumnavigation of the island, generally takes place counterclockwise, that is, leaving the port of Pantelleria, we head towards Scauri, generally the first stop is made in the Sataria area, an area with seabed of white colored sand. surprising, the next stop is the one under the kuddia Scauri, which we call "blue waters", from here continue to Nikà a semi cave with warm water in the sea (it is certainly one of the most interesting stops of the tour)

From Nika onwards the high and picturesque cliffs behind the island begin, in this area it is possible to make various stops, even swim down to small pebble beaches, along this route the possibilities of stops are varied, Salto la vecchia, Punta Limarsi, faraglione behind the island, cheese rocks, macasinazzi ,,, and many, many others ... overcome the high cliffs you get to the Arco dell'Elefante, then to the faraglione, you can admire the two beautiful bays of Cala Levante and Cala Tramontana, Cala delle Giache and then pass through Gadir

We will admire the beautiful Armani villa and continuing further we arrive then Cala Cottone, Punta Spadillo to finally arrive at the beautiful Cala dei 5 Teeth, here we can dive into the "Cinderella's shoe" (cave), after Cala 5 Teeth a last stop it is generally done towards Campobello.

Expected return to port around 17: 00/18: 00

P.S: this is a rough program that can be modified or distorted based on the weather conditions of the day on which the excursion will take place.