Sail Boat



We invite you to a splendid 7-day cruise between the Egadi Islands (Favignana, Marettimo, Levanzo) and surroundings such as San Vito Lo Capo, the Zingaro and Scopello reserve. Western Sicily is full of fascinating and fascinating destinations easily reachable by boat, perhaps the most suitable way to discover them letting yourself be carried away by the winds that blow constantly. What can you expect from this experience? During the cruise it will be possible to learn the basics of sailing, from the management of the sails passing through the marine knots to the exciting experience of the command of the boat.

And between a sail and the other .... diving in crystal clear waters, snorkeling, aperitifs at sunset and barbecues in the boat !!! But it's not over! For those who want to know the coast even from the ground, you can take you to discover the mountain paths with breathtaking views of the sea. And then again on the boat, an enjoyment of the starry nights in the harbor or of the nightlife moored in the harbor


First day: For boarding we wait for you on board starting at 13:00 to complete boarding procedures and buy the galley together; by 4.00 pm, after having settled in the cabins, the moorings are finally let go ... bow towards Levanzo! Taking a bath in company will be our first approach to this inevitable tour.

Second day: kissed by the sun we prepare the cockpit table and start the day with a rich breakfast and with Levanzo as our backdrop; we spend the morning bathing and diving in these crystal clear waters or we leave for a small excursion to the Grotta del Genovese. A sail and we find ourselves in front of the island of Marettimo; for our eyes it will be a mix of rocky coasts that plunge into a Caribbean sea. Let's keep an eye on it: if we're lucky we'll see a dolphin or maybe a monk seal! We drop anchor under the imposing promontory of the island and prepare for the aperitif at sunset in front of the famous castle of Punta Troia.

Third day: even the less early risers reach us for breakfast and for the first bath of the day. The right idea for this day? Visit the bays of this island, over 300 caves rich in stalactites, reachable only by small local boats. The village of Marettimo will be the ideal place to restore the palate with a very good and inevitable granita at the Tramontana bar and choose the right restaurant for dinner.

Fourth day: let's take off ... if you've chosen this tour you will certainly look forward to seeing the island of Favignana! We insert mask and snorkel to dive between the varieties of Cala Rotonda and the Baia del Preveto. We can choose the most suitable bay where to stop at anchor, all under a starry sky and the rustling of the waves in the background.

Fifth day: between edges and jibes we alternate with the commands of the boat circumnavigate the island reaching Cala Rossa, symbol of Favignana: quarries of tuff next to the cliffs on a sea with turquoise waters will be a perfect panorama to toast this holiday! The port of the island will be our destination for the afternoon to be able to moor in the marina and get off the ground comfortably; in the evening we can get lost in the narrow streets of the town looking for a restaurant in the true island style.

Sixth day: the best way to start the day is to relax in the spacious bow sundeck and enjoy the refreshing breeze and the sea that flows underneath .. what a pleasure! We thus reach the former Florio plant in Favignana, one of the oldest Sicilian traps. We will be enraptured by the history of this place, from the explanation of how tuna were fished with huge and processed nets.