Inflatable boat


What will you do :

We set sail from the tourist port of San Leone and passing in front of the mouth of the river Akragas, ancient port channel of the Greeks, we sail west, in front of the beach of Maddalusa, then in front of the Kaos, where there is the birthplace of Luigi Pirandello and immediately after off Porto Empedocle, the Vineyard of the novels of Montalbano and birthplace of the writer Andrea Camilleri.

After about 15 minutes of navigation you arrive at your destination in front of the famous Scala dei Turchi, characterized by a white cliff of white rock that meets the sea. We stop for a refreshing dip, for snorkeling or to go down to the beach. On board we offer you cold non-alcoholic drinks.

The tour includes the costs of : skipper, drinks and fruit on board, beach umbrella

What are you looking for:

Our guests will live an exciting and relaxing experience at the same time.

We will explore the coast together, passing through the most beautiful and exclusive coves, landing directly on fantastic beaches with crystal clear water, away from noise and crowded beaches.

Maurizio Di Bella

Ottima esperienza
Servizio decisamente gradevole e di grande professionalità