Sail Boat



The DOVESESTO is a splendid old sailing ship, almost a hundred years old, at anchor in the port of Cala Gonone. From here she leaves every day at 10.30 a.m. for a mini-cruise in the Gulf of Orosei, discovering the most beautiful beaches and caves along the "Selvaggio Blu" route.


The programme of the mini-cruise is variable at the discretion of the captain, who, after assessing the weather conditions of the day, will suggest the best route and stops for guests to fully enjoy a beautiful day at sea.

Here's a typical day: "Just outside the harbour, the sailing ship skirts the impressive limestone cliffs eroded by the sea. Its speed allows you to admire from close up the different scenarios of rock and forest that follow one another, interspersed only by the numerous coves: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Le Piscine di Venere, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritze.
Leaving Cala Luna, one sails across Cala Sisine after about an hour's sailing. Continuing on to Cala Biriola, a delightful little pinkish-coloured beach, the first stop at the Piscine di Venere awaits us.

The Dovesesto sailing ship will be at anchor, and it will be possible to swim in the emerald-coloured water of a radiant transparency and then climb back on board from the convenient side ladder. After about forty minutes, we set course for Cala Mariolu or Cala dei Gabbiani, two gulf pearls of indescribable beauty where our guests can enjoy the longest stop of the day, about two hours.
We resume navigation and arrive at the base of the Aguglia, an imposing elongated rock that rises solitarily from the sea and we will admire the spectacular natural arch of Goloritze up close.
A little to the north of this last cove we stop to take the dinghy to the hidden mouth of a cave, to find ourselves inside, dazzled by never-before-seen plays of light. Here, the dive is impossible to resist.

When the sailing boat turns towards home, a little offshore, on the route where the dolphins often arrive to greet us with their leaps, before returning to port we stop for a swim at anchor or a last stop on the beach at Cala Sisine or Cala Luna.

The rules on board :

- The consumption of food on board is not allowed (you can bring what you prefer to eat during the stops). Thermal box and beach umbrella will be provided free of charge.
- Smoking is not allowed on board
- sunscreen is not allowed on board (customers can put it on before boarding and use a towel to sit on, to avoid damaging the boat's materials)
- It is not allowed to stay on board during the stops on the beach decided by the Captain.
- toilets may only be used during navigation.
- food and drinks are not included