Inflatable boat



Imagine the situation: you arrive in Sicily and your baptism with the Trapanese sea will be in Favignana in the enchanting Cala Rossa, half a mile of crystal clear water, almost drinkable clear, blue in the infinite blue of the sky, included in the top ten of the most beautiful beaches in Europe by TripAdvisor.
A whole day aboard a comfortable dinghy (12 people maximum) to discover the islands of Favignana and Levanzo.


9.00 a.m. - Meeting at the pier (Marina Vento di Maestrale in Via Gladioli - TRAPANI) registration and briefing of the day according to the weather forecast.

9.30 a.m. (Cala Rossa)
Departure from the Port of Trapani and direct transfer to Cala Rossa (about 30 minutes by boat) where we will make the first swimming/snorkelling stop of the day in a crystal clear blue sea surrounded by thousands of fish (occhiate).

(Cala Bue Marino)
After the first stop and having become familiar with the water, we will pass through the Bue Marino area. Taking a slow, gentle boat ride, you will be able to admire the coastline and photograph the oldest and most historic tuff quarries on the island. In this area the stop will not be made because of the continuous strong sea currents.

(Lighthouse of Punta Marsala and Cala Azzurra)
The slow navigation will continue with the passage from Punta Marsala where you can also photograph the lighthouse of the same name until you reach the interior of Cala Azzurra for the second swimming/snorkelling stop.

(Cala Preveto)
Resuming navigation, we will move quickly to the Preveto area where we will make another swimming/snorkelling stop. I personally consider Cala Preveto to be one of the most beautiful and exciting coves in the Egadi archipelago, as the differences in colour are unique. A mixture of sandy patches, posidonia beds and rocks. During the swim, I will take you to visit a sea cave which we will do partly by swimming and partly out of the water on foot. It's a small glimpse but it's worth it because it's intense with beauty.

The Lunch/lunch break will be organised in an inflatable boat, mainly in the shade, with a unique scenery. In a cove reserved for us, far from confusion, cars and smog. The menu will be based on typical Trapani snacks. You will be lucky enough to taste an exquisite TIMBALLO DI PASTA AL FORNO accompanied immediately afterwards by a fresh and delicious MACEDONIA (NO catering but SINGLE portions). Nothing is cooked on the spot, everything is ready-made and pre-packaged in compliance with HACCP regulations and CoVid-19 contact safety.

(Transfer to Levanzo and disembarkation)
Once we have finished our gluttonous sins we will set sail again. We will complete the tour of the island passing by Cala Rotonda, Cala Grande, the beautiful Punta Sottile Lighthouse with the island of Marettimo in the background until we reach the second island where we will dock for a descent to land. We will visit the small village on foot, I will introduce you to some local fishermen (always keeping a social distance of 1 metre from each other) and we will sit at the bar where, relaxing, we will taste a succulent lemon, black mulberry or almond granita (free and personal refreshment). After about an hour's stop, having completed our digestion, we will return to the dinghy to resume sailing.

Cala Fredda
As soon as we leave the port of Levanzo, we will reach Cala Fredda in a few minutes, where we will anchor for a relaxing afternoon swim.
After about half an hour, we will head for Cala Minnola, which is fascinating for the colours of its seabed and its colourful, fragrant pine forest. There we will dive and from the sea we will accompany the sun which, for a few minutes, we will let go behind the island.

The day at sea will end with a relaxing sail where the warmth of the sun will accompany us to the Port of Trapani, scheduled for around 18.00.