Inflatable boat



An extraordinary day aboard our fast dinghy to visit the best of the beautiful and delightful Aeolian Islands.
Do not miss the opportunity of an unforgettable experience such as visiting the magnificent coves and the most beautiful and hidden caves of the islands, taking a bath in clear and transparent waters with wonderful colors and moreover having the opportunity to go ashore to admire the suggestive and colorful, typical Aeolian villages.


8:00 am Departure from the marina of Santa Maria Maggiore, we will continue along the coast along the promontory of Capo Milazzo to admire the beauty of the area until we leave Punta Mazza to begin the crossing to the island of Stromboli where you will have the opportunity to observe dolphins and / or sea turtles.

10:00 First stop for swimming and relaxation. Forgia Vecchiacaracterized by an expanse of black pebbles under the slopes of the volcano. A unique, fairytale landscape situated in a tiny bay where the calmness and transparency of the water are the stars. This site can only be reached on foot or by boat along a path that starts at Scari beach, located about 300 metres from the jetty, a heavenly setting for those seeking peace and quiet. Possibility of snorkelling with equipment provided by the organisation.

11.00 a.m. Departure for the port of Stromboli, a few minutes of navigation and you will find yourself immediately on the pier. Time available for the stop 2h. Leaving the port a road will take you directly into the town. This steep slope is immersed in the green of the prickly pears, the caper plants, the colourful geraniums and bougainvillea and the typical little shops where you can taste culinary delights or have a quick brunch at the countless restaurants in the area.

13.00 Departure from the port to circumnavigate the island, short stop at "Strombolicchio" to take some photos, a few minutes of navigation and you will arrive at the Sciara del Fuoco, a dusty gully where the eruptive debris of the volcano pours out. Here you will notice how the boulders, due to the continuous eruptive activity, roll down the slope, raising a fuss as they pass and then crashing into the sea raising huge splashes of water (obviously you will have to keep at the right distance). At this point Ginostra is just around the corner, you will be greeted by the Pertuso (hole) what until a few years ago was called the smallest port in the world, nestled between the rocks forming natural pools of emerald green. Today, the old port has been extended with the construction of a pier to make it easier for ships and hydrofoils to dock. Venturing along the steep mule track that leads to the village will be like stepping back in time, where the frenzy of modern life has never arrived and where the small dwellings, many of which are uninhabited, maintain the traditional Aeolian architecture intact.

2.00 p.m. Departure for the island of Panarea, along the navigation before arriving at the port, you will have to choose between the wonderful waters of the islet Lisca Bianca or Dattilo for a (refreshing dive and/or snorkelling)*.

3.00 p.m. Departure for the small port of Panarea for a stop of 1.30 p.m. with the possibility of "touching with one's own hands" the particularity of the VIP island. The village will impress visitors because it is full of shops and trendy places (good opportunity to go shopping or visit the town centre).

4.30 p.m. Departure from the port of Panarea, return to the headquarters. (Duration of navigation about 1h, 30 min.).

18.00 Arrival at the tourist port of Milazzo and end of services.

* Schedules, stops, bathing, transfers ... may be subject to change due to adverse marine weather conditions or other causes not dependent on the will of the organization. It will therefore be at the discretion of the commander to decide and inform you of any change of program during the excursion. Any impossibility of carrying out the full programme does not entitle you to any reduction or refund of the previously agreed price.

Fuel is not included in the price.
For this itinerary you will spend min 300€ max 350€.