Sail Boat



Combine the sporting experience of sailing with trekking in the wonderful scenery of the Egadi Islands. Marettimo, in particular, is fantastic to live from both sea and land.

Starting from the port of Trapani, we will sail for about 20 miles in an uncontaminated sea.

We will live in full the emotion of being carried by the wind and we will learn the main maneuvers to steer the sailboat. We will finally reach Marettimo where we will start a new experience from land, this time. Its coast stretches for 19 km, its surface is 12.3 square kilometers and every meter will reserve you many surprises!

The peculiarities of this island depend on its ancient detachment from the mainland, dating back 600,000 years ago, which allowed it to develop endemic flora and fauna. We will immerse ourselves in this botanical garden, walking along pristine paths, discovering the smells and colors of Sicilian plants. We will penetrate the secret life of the Mediterranean maquis, climbing wooded mountains and steep paths on the sea. We will learn about edible plants and those with a mythical history, overlooking breathtaking views overlooking expanses of turquoise water. And then in the evening back to the sea to seek refreshment perhaps with a dip from the boat.

When we are full of the smell of pine trees and wild rosemary, the sea with its wind and waves awaits us again. We put our boots back in our suitcase and go back to walking barefoot. We will sail for more than 20 miles. Closing our wonderful adventure at the port of Trapani.


Weekend program

Day 1. Sailing Trapani - Marettimo (approx. 20 nautical miles, 4 hours)
Appointment from 10.00 am at the port of Trapani. After being accommodated in the cabins, made galley and having completed the boarding practices, we finally leave the moorings ... bow in the direction of Marettimo. Along our route we will circumnavigate the island of Levanzo that always gives formidable views. Between edges and jibes, alternating at the command of the boat, we will reach Marettimo where we will take our place in port and decide whether to dine on board or in town.

2nd Day. Trekking in Marettimo
We will spend the day on Saturday choosing together one or more trekking routes to be realized.

Day 3. Marettimo - Trapani (approx. 20 nautical miles, approx. 4 hours)
After a restful night lulled by the boat and a rich breakfast, we say goodbye to Marettimo and head the bow towards the marina of Trapani where we will dock in the afternoon. The sea and sailing will be again the protagonists of the day. The emotion of sailing between the lapping of the water and the wind in our hair will put us back in deep contact with nature. We will already feel the nostalgia of the sun and salt in our hair, unforgettable sunsets and the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean. It is time to say goodbye and to put the memory of an unforgettable experience into our luggage.

By its very nature, traveling by sea and in the mountains makes it impossible to respect a detailed planning of the itineraries, due to their strict dependence on the direction of the wind and therefore of the waves; but in the end this is its beauty: in good measure we go where the wind takes us in a spirit of freedom. The itineraries shown are only indicative examples. Usually at the beginning of the week the skipper already has an idea of what the general weather conditions will be for the next 4-5 days. These will suggest the general itinerary that will be most convenient to follow.
For safety reasons, the skipper's judgment regarding navigation and any changes to the program is unquestionable.

-2 overnight stays on board
-Guided tours on the trails
-use of the boat and equipment on board
-tender and outboard
-anchorage within the Egadi marine protected area
-Associative wheel
-sheets, pillowcases and blankets
-sea towel
-bath soaps
-masks and fins for snorkeling
-final cleaning