We will take you to live the sea as a great experience sailing together between the west and east coasts between the Adriatic and the Ionian.

An excursion of 3 hours by boat (maximum 10 people on board) with two swimming stops, one on the Ionian side and the other on the Adriatic side.


We will leave from the tourist port of Leuca where you will find our captain who will take care of you. In the boat you will have USB sockets for your refills, lifebuoys for children, masks to observe the seabed, ladders to facilitate the ascent in the boat and a very useful awning to protect you from the sun.

Our greatest satisfaction is to make you live your cave excursion as a great and beautiful experience.

Among the boat excursions in Santa Maria di Leuca you can explore those that are among the most beautiful caves in Puglia. Sailing between the west and east coast we will have the opportunity to explore beautiful scenery and among the most important we list some of them:

Grotta "Mesciu Scianni" Mastro Giovanni a small cave, very suggestive, according to the fishermen the name is due to such a Master Giovanni who used to go there to try to recover stones that he used to compose mosaics of rare beauty.

Cave river was once the bed dug by an ancient river to gain the sea and is characteristic for the presence of fresh water springs inside.
Grotta degli Innamorati a low entrance, but inside it widens and becomes high, the shallow and sandy bottom allows you to walk there and get out of the water, you can lie in the small enchanting beaches, presence of fresh water springs. Note the heart-shaped entrance on the way out, hence the name

Cave of the dragon between in cave, this is really the most curious, in fact, entering we can see the head of a moray eel that comes out of the den, on the right a crocodile in profile for all its size and still at the bottom the profile of the face of a man.

Ortocupo Cave consists of two entrances accessible only by swimming, the name itself suggests the gloomy environment due to the depth and darkness of the cave, but not only that, inside the rocks outcropping reminiscent of a cultivated vegetable garden.

Grotta della Vora name due to the abyss formed on the vault of the cave, the beam of light that penetrates it, in contact with the clear and transparent water, creates wonderful chromatic effects, so as to have the impression of being in a large cathedral.Grotta degli indiani so named for the wide crack in the rock that evokes in the shape of its recess the structure of a tent of the ancient Indians of America. Among the excursions in the cave is certainly the most exotic.
Cave of the Nativity, which takes its name from the similarity with the classic scenario of the birth of Jesus.

Grotta delle Tre Porte, which has a mysterious tunnel that ends 30 meters later in a room full of stalactites and stalagmites.
Also fascinating is the Grotto of the Giants, which takes its name from the legend according to which the corpses of the giants killed by Hercules were buried here.
Grotta del Morigio, so called because the Moors stopped here before they destroyed Leuca.
Grotta del Soffio, a cave whose access is allowed only by swimming and with a short dive but once inside you can enjoy a surreal scenery and feel an indescribable sensation every time the air is expelled outside, thus creating the characteristic breath.
The Cazzafri Cave completes the picture, with its name of Greek origin means "house of froth", where some stalactites stand out.