Inflatable boat


What will you do :

Two-day excursion to Stromboli

This event can start on any day of the week and you can choose to alternate the excursions.

The price for the entire tour that includes the two excursions is 70.00 euros per person.

Autonomous arrival in Stromboli

Day one:
Excursion Craters Summit Stromboli
After a short briefing, at 16:00 /16:30, will begin the hike that will lead us to the top of 920m above sea level.
During the 3 hour ascent we will take 3, 4 intermediate breaks to enjoy the view.
Reaching the summit area, we will stay about 1 hour to admire the spectacular "Strombolian" activity of the volcano.
We will return, at about 22:30, to the starting point, first crossing the sand of Rina Grande and then the typical Strombolian reeds.

Second day:
Circumnavigation of the island of Stromboli
Boarding at 10:30 a.m.
You will have the opportunity to get to know the charm of unspoilt nature, observe from the sea the summit craters and the Sciara del Fuoco.
Take a bath in the clear waters of the island and discover the Strombolicchio, Punta dell'Olmo and the Secche di Lazzaro.
Stop for about 50 minutes in the village of Ginostra, excellent observation point of the entire Aeolian archipelago.

Return for about 1:00 p.m.

Hiking boots
Trekking stick
Frontal torch

What are you looking for:

Two-day excursion to discover "Iddu" and its island.

The first day night excursion with climbing to the craters of Stromboli with multilingual Volcanological Guide.

On the second day circumnavigation of the island in a rubber dinghy to discover every gorge of the coast, the coves, the island Strombolicchio and the Sciara del Fuoco.

You will have the opportunity to swim in the most beautiful waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.