What will you do :

Select the day of the excursion (times refer to the first possible time of departure and the last available for the day)
An exclusive two hour tour.
Possible stops: Isola del Garda for visit; Stop for a swim in the motorboat; Visit to Salò and/or Gardone; Lunch in a town or in one of the restaurants on the coast.

Points of interest:

Peninsula of Sirmione
Fortress of Manerba
Rabbit Island
Garda Island
Coast between Salò and Gardone

What are you looking for:

Boat Tours: the Islands and the Romantic Coast

A tour to immerse yourself in the nature of the lake, the history of the Republic of Salò and the architecture that characterizes its coasts.

Details of the Boat Excursion

After admiring the peninsula of Sirmione and its many points of interest, we will head towards the imposing cliff of the Rocca di Manerba, we will pass in front of the Island of San Biagio and we will sail next to the enchanting Island of Garda, private island of the Counts Borghese-Cavazza. We will then continue towards the magnificent Romantic Coast, between Salò and Gardone Riviera, where you will find the villas overlooking the lake and the vegetation that surrounds them. At the end of this route, we will return to Sirmione and pass under the two bridges of the Scaliger castle.

Romantic Coast

This is the shore of the lake, between Toscolano Maderno and the Gulf of Salò, on whose lush nature overlook villas and hotels with elegant architecture.

In these areas the Republic of Salò, established during the Fascist period, has left its mark and the architecture perfectly recalls its style, with a touch of Art Nouveau that emphasizes the vintage charm.