What will you do :

A unique tour that combines the beauty of the center of Ortigia and its coast.

Visit this city and let you see the island of Ortigia, both internally and externally with a unique ecological system in Syracuse. On board the electric and futuristic Velobike our drivers will introduce you inside the magnificent Ortigia labyrinth and give you the opportunity to find and photograph at each stage the history and the traces left by the different civilizations that have enriched the island.

The tour also includes explanations of historical places and the vision of a breathtaking panorama.

What are you looking for:

A unique tour that combines the beauty of the center of Ortigia and its coast with a boat trip along the walls and caves of the island.

The tour in Velobike takes place through a 60/70 minute tour consisting of more than 10 stages in which we will offer you a brief description, the tour includes the possibility (optional) to visit the inside of the magnificent temple in 15 minutes Athena, today Syracuse Cathedral, the original painting by Caravaggio depicting the burial of Saint Lucia, patron saint of the city, and, the carriage of the Senate style 700 kept in Palazzo Vermexio. Continuing along the Aretusa fountain where the natural phenomenon of papyrus growth takes place, we will reach the Maniace castle and take advantage of the majestic panorama to take some photos; we remind you that access is reserved only for pedestrians and ecological vehicles.
Going through the entire eastern sea we will complete the itinerary by accompanying our guests to the point indicated by themselves.