What will you do :

The goal of the Surfintrip Camp is to create unconventional interactive moments between a magical and adrenaline-filled sport like surfing and elements like the sea, the land and nature to give unforgettable emotions. A sport, wave surfing, which is not simply one sport, but a lifestyle, a culture, a philosophy. A location, Fuerte, which is not exclusively an island, but a place where passion, happiness and spirituality connect with you. An experiential journey for all those who want to approach the world of surfing in complete safety and those who want to improve their technique together with those who have made passion their work. Make a wish and join us!

Included in the price :

- Accommodation for 7 nights in surf house (shared room max 4)
-N 6 surf lessons (4h per lesson)
- Video analysis
- Airport transfers
-T.shirt surfintrip

What are you looking for:

Below is the general schedule of a Classic Day with Surfintrip. The program of the day can undergo variations based on the sea weather conditions and the needs of the customers.- Transport (about 30 min.): It is the transfer from the surf house to the surf spot where the course will take place. - Presentation briefing (about 30 min.): During the briefing the Surfintrip is presented, the Instructors and the program of the day (weather and sea conditions, selection of the spot where the course will take place, etc.) and technical material is assigned ( table, leash, wetsuit, lycra and wax) for each student.- Course carried out at the chosen spot based on sea weather conditions and group surf level (about 2 / 2.5 hours): Safety briefing General heating and functional (10-15 min) Theoretical and practical lesson on the beach Entrance into the water: with the supervision of the instructor the students put into practice what was explained on the beach Break: the duration is about 10-15 minutes and is a good way to rest, recover energy and try to correct mistakes Water entry: repeated technical gestures are repeated and attempts are made to implement the suggested corrections Video: a video camera will follow your waves End of the course: cool down, stretching and feedback on the course - Return to the Surf Academy and video analysis (60 min. about)