What will you do :

We will head towards the north coast of Syracuse where we will find unique and rare sea caves. Once the moorings are over, we will cross the natural channel that separates the Island of Ortigia from the great city of Syracuse.

Leaving the canal we will head towards the small harbor and meet the first rocks that emerge from the sea, we will approach the coast and it will be possible to see some calcareous sea caves. Looking up you will notice the imposing monument dedicated to the fallen of the Second World War. We will continue the navigation by circumnavigating the rock in the shape of a delphinium that rises from the sea, immediately afterwards it will be possible to notice 3 very similar caves where inside there are a large colony of soft corals that emerge in the walls of the cave, the cave of Love (a cave in the shape of a heart) where we will stop to take some pictures, we will continue the navigation arriving at the largest cave - cave of stalactites - so called for its formation very suggestive of the stalactites on the ceiling. In this cave it will also be possible to make a 10-minute stop for snorkeling.

Then we head to the most beautiful coves where we will find the emerald colored water.

Returning to Ortigia we will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of this island

What are you looking for:

A unique experience in our brand new boat of art, culture and nature.

A one-hour guided boat tour to discover the coast of Syracuse and its caves.

Departures every hour from 9am to 8pm

As soon as the purchase is made, send a message whatsapp to decide the time you prefer.