About us

Triscovery is an innovative start-up, founded in March 2017, in Sicily.

Triscovery has developed an integrated marketplace, which allows travellers to discover, compare and book unique travel experiences in order to enjoy the best holidays, discovering the territory through new eyes.

Using Triscovery, you will be in contact only with professional and reliable travel agencies and sellers. They will show you all the holiday packages and services they offer in the most beautiful places around the world. In this way, you will be able to organize your holiday activities in the easiest and fastest way ever!

Triscovery is more than an on-line platform. It is an innovative system, which gives people the opportunity both to find the most interesting and appealing activities and to discover wonderful places, in safety and saving time.

Triscovery is the best solution for both travellers and sellers: the former will be sure to live a full travel experience, and the latter will have wide and free visibility to show and offer their travel services.