Visit Marettimo with its Caves

Visit Marettimo with its Caves

September is still the perfect time if you want enjoy a well-deserved vacation! Why not to go to Marettimo? It is the second largest island belonging to the Egadi Islands after Favignana, and after it  the little island of Levanzo. It is also the further of the three, but you can easily reach it by hydrofoil from Trapani port.

It is impossible to explain the sensation you feel as soon as you disembark, in front of the enchanting little port filled with little boats, and the white houses gathered under the mountain, trust us that only this view is worths the all trip! And you still miss the best, that is the sea with its colors and the coast with its inlets and caves. Yes, the waters that surround the island are truly unique, with the shades of blue that seem to exist only in the  images modified with special design programs, even the temperature is  temperate compared to other areas of Trapani due to marine currents affecting the island.

IOf course the tour if the island by boat is a prerogative to visit it, even more if done on a small boat that can go near coast, obviously led by a barcarolo of the place. This is how you can live the unique experience of total wonder and relax, visiting all the caves and taking a bath in the most beautiful bays of the island.

The caves you will encounter are:

- Cave of the Camel

- Thunder Cave

- Cave of the Pipe

- Perched Cave

-  Ficaredda Cave

- Nativity Cave

- Cave of the Lovers

- Blunderbuss Cave

Their names are certainly evocative, but we don't want to reveal the most beautiful of the tour, so it's up to you to discover the one by one and understand why their names are so curious.