Malta is defined as "an underwater gem" thanks to its depths rich in archaeological sites and marine creatures of all kinds, making it one of the best diving destinations in the world.
In fact, underwater can discover and photograph new worlds: from the wrecks of old ships to the riches of fauna and flora.
The mild climate that characterizes the island throughout the year, also allows you to carry out outdoor activities.
There are 1300 rock climbing routes in many sea cliffs with varying degrees of difficulty and it is possible to be supplied with the necessary equipment directly on site.
Arrived at the top of the cliff, the view is truly breathtaking and is even more enhanced by the waves crashing on the cliff just climbed!
In addition to these, many other types of sports are possible in Malta: from surfing, kayaking, paragliding or horseback riding.

Not just sports!

Malta, together with Gozo and Comino offer a real treasure trove of heritage and culture, both ancient and modern. There is a high concentration of cultural attraction, this is demonstrated by the presence of 3 UNESCO archaeological sites. All the civilizations that have followed, in fact, have left traces of their passage: from the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans to the Arabs.
Among the streets of the capital you can see the typical balconies that take the name of "GALLARIJA" or "GARAJOLI", in wood and colorful preserved and restored every year.
In addition, the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, in Baroque style, houses two works by Caravaggio - painted by him when he found refuge in Malta after escaping from Rome - respectively "San Girolamo Scrivente" and "La Decollazione di San Giovanni Battista".

Moving from the capital, you must visit the "Domus Romana" of Rabat famous for the mosaics that adorn the floors dating back to the Hellenistic age, and in the near and silent Mdina the Cathedral of San Paolo: this is the second most important example of Baroque art 'island.

Even the green spaces are an integral part of Malta.
The most famous and visited are the "Gardens of Barakka", surely what distinguishes them is the great panoramic view on the island.

Just 4 km from Malta we find Gozo, characterized by beautiful beaches. Symbol and postcard of the place is the Dwejra beach, famous for the "Blue Window", a huge rock arch.

Curiosity: Among the different boats docked at the port, you can see the "IUZZI", of the Maltese boat types brought by the Phoenicians 3000 years ago. On these boats are painted the eyes of Osiris, according to the population were a sign of luck.

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