Instagram user manual for tourism

Instagram user manual for tourism

Instagram: The better marketing channels to communicate your experiences! Traveling, curious to discover new destinations and live new emotions. 

Why not share them? Today, social networks are a useful support for all operators in the tourism sector.

So why not create a successful social profile?
There are a lot of online social networks that are a powerful tool of communication for your business. Everyone follows specific rules; some are more suitable for photographic contents and others for texts or videos.

Here are our 4 tips to make the most of the Instagram social network:

1. Quality materials

Surely insert photos and videos of excellent quality, able to attract attention and make your brand or service recognizable.

2. Use hashtags

They allow you to intercept new followers and grow the community. In fact, you will be able to tell the emotions and reach the largest number of possible users who are looking for your destination.

Some hashtags that we recommend to copy in the notes of your smartphone, so you can easily be pasted into your posts (adding those specific to your territories)

#travel #trip #excursion #igtravel #instatravel #photooftheday #triscovery #discoveryourtrip #visiting #igitaly #italy #italia #excursions #experience #experience

3. "Networking" is a must

Instagram is a social network and to increase your visibility, it is essential to post at least one photo a day, search for and follow the target users, comment and reply, put like pictures that they like.

We at Triscovery are already on all the social media and the positive feedback we can guarantee you!

Every photo that is posted with #triscovery is reposted by our profiles to increase visibility and cover it online.l

4. Tell your story

Instagram, as well as for photos, is an ideal tool for video especially if posted by the stories function.

Tell us about your experience in real time during your excursions. Making users live what they will do and what they will see during their vacation is a great way to increase involvement and interaction.

In the stories always remember to geolocalize them by inserting the place of development and tag if you want our page using the @triscovery function